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As a leading professional service firm for wind farm operations and asset management, no matter which phase your project is in right now, PEAK Wind can always provide industry’s best practice across the entire lifecycle of a wind asset for your project.

Customized packages supported by in-depth and comprehensive expertise areas

O&M Strategy, Concepts & OPEX

Our services and related projects of O&M Strategy, Concepts & OPEX

O&M strategy

  • Corporate O&M strategy & concepts
  • O&M supply chain analysis
  • Operator model concepts & strategies
  • O&M strategies for merchant markets
  • O&M synergies & portfolio optimisation

O&M concepts

  • O&M concept & requirements
  • O&M port screening & selection
  • Logistics concept evaluation
  • Logistics cost modelling & implementation
  • Availability assessments & optimisation

O&M preparations

  • O&M preparations management
  • O&M service contracting & supply chain
  • EPC to Operations handover management

OPEX budgeting

  • Lifecycle OPEX modelling
  • OPEX business case evaluation
  • OPEX benchmark

Commercial & Contracts

Our services and related projects of Commercial & Contracts

Contract development & negotiations

  • Supply and service agreement tendering
  • Supply and service agreement negotiation
  • Operator agreement negotiations
  • Contract renewal negotiations

Contract, warranty & claims

  • TSA contract handover
  • Contract management
  • Warranty management
  • Claims management

Revenue, PPAs & hedges

  • PPA contracting
  • Offtake management
  • PPA / hedging


  • Project insurance strategy

Engineering & Asset Integrity

Our services and related projects of Engineering & Asset Integrity

WTG & BoP engineering

  • Technical interface management
  • Employers requirements
  • Technical TSA & SAA negotiator
  • O&M design requirements
  • Blade management strategy
  • Availability & yield assessments

SCADA & data management

  • SCADA package management
  • Data management
  • Data interface management
  • WTG system integration to BoP
  • Cybersecurity management

Measurement services

  • Offshore LiDAR measurement camping
  • Power Curve testing advisor
  • Power Curve guarantee advisor
  • Scanning LiDAR experts

AEP project manager

  • Assessment of Energy Production Estimate
  • Evaluation of site suitability
  • WTG selection
  • Portfolio evaluation
  • RCA Engineering

Asset integrity advisory

  • Asset inspections & walkdown list
  • Asset integrity check & analysis
  • Technical performance analysis
  • Root cause analysis of major defects
  • Major campaign management
  • End of Warranty

Blade management

  • Blade Management strategy
  • Additional requirement for Blade testing
  • Blade condition monitoring planning
  • Inspection and repair methods
  • Integrity evaluation

End of life services

  • Early preparation for End of Life strategies
  • Identify & Map Showstoppers
  • End of life decision process
  • Financial modelling of End of Life scenarios

Project Management / PMO

Our services and related projects of Project Management / PMO

Project management

  • Programme management & coordination
  • PMO framework
  • HSE/ESG compliance
  • Shareholder reporting

Project strategy

  • Investment & partnering strategy
  • Technology & procurement strategy
  • O&M strategy
  • Insurance strategy

Due Diligence & Transactional Services

Our services and related projects of Due Diligence & Transactional Services

Technical due diligence

  • Operational and technical integrity assessment
  • Maintenance needs and failure rate assessments
  • Production and availability performance analysis
  • Review of feasibility studies and site assessments
  • Lifetime extension assessments
  • Independent power production assessment

Financial due diligence

  • Financial health and risk assessment
  • Financial closing coordination
  • Company & asset performance benchmarking
  • Valuation and financial model review
  • Assumption assessment (CAPEX, OPEX, Availability, Production, Energy Pricing)
  • LCOE review and optimization

Commercial due diligence

  • Transaction preparation & planning
  • Execution strategy support
  • Preparation of transaction materials
  • Contractual review and negotiation (e.g., PPA, SAA, TSA)
  • Stakeholder and counterparty risk analysis
  • Strategic target review (e.g., competitive situation, capability assessment)
  • Market development and trend analysis

Floating Wind Excellence

Our services and related projects of Floating Wind Excellence

Design review and optimisation

  • Analysis of performance and operational KPIs of a floating wind concept: seakeeping, O&M, Accessibility, HSE
  • Floating Wind Concept performance modelling: dynamic response
  • Holistic Floating Wind Farm Optimization: Layout, AEP, Installation process, cable routing and mooring lines
  • Business case analysis: OPEX and Availability assessment

Operational Excellence

  • Floating Wind specific O&M Concept and Logistics
  • Major Components Replacement strategy and optimization
  • Monitoring and Digital Twinning strategy: design and procurement project management

Market analysis and strategy

  • Scenario Analysis of Floating Wind Development
  • New Market Analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
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