We service the wind industry

Our customer base spans the entire value chain

Why our customers choose us

Extensive operational wind farm experience

All PEAK Wind consultants have been heavily involved in wind farm operations and asset management, enabling them to tackle a variety of challenges in the assessment of a particular wind farm.

Thorough financial business case understanding

Understanding the value and cost drivers of a wind farm is key for a successful due diligence. PEAK Wind has market-leading wind farm bottom-up valuation-, OPEX- and CAPEX- modelling capabilities.

Heavy involvement in drafting & executing service agreements

Our experience includes negotiating, drafting, tendering and executing service- and asset management agreements. Only through deep experience of relevant O&M challenges, the identification of critical aspects of such agreements is comprehensive.

Successful within challenging M&A setting

Tackling M&A processes means by definition high workload within a very short time frame. By making use of its extensive experience from wind farm transactions (financing, divestment) and agile way of working, PEAK Wind performs goal-oriented and efficient service during such processes.

Happy customers

We are pleased to service some of the leading companies in the industry. Our customer base includes stakeholders throughout the entire value chain of a wind farm, including:

Wind farm owners
Asset Managers
Project Developers
Banks and wind farm acquirers
References can be provided upon request.