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Part I: Setting the Foundation

“Increase the value of your wind farm – know your O&M strategy right from the beginning”

Too often we see wind farm projects being built without a clear plan for the operational phase. This leads to reactive behavior and loss of production once the project enters operations. To ensure proactive O&M (operations and maintenance), it is key to establish a clear O&M strategy and project planning in the early project stage.

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Part II: Securing the Foundation

“The TSA – not just a construction contract!

Often we see Owners and Operators with OEM service and maintenance agreements that do not fully provision for alternative asset operational management strategies. As a wind farm owner with long-term exposure to the operational performance of the asset, you need to ensure that the right level of detail is given to the “post take-over” sections of the contract.

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Part III: Turbine Service Contracting

“The SMA - key questions to address during negotiations”

Operational expenditure (‘OPEX’) can equate to 25-30% of the total lifetime cost of a wind farm - even more when it concerns an offshore asset. The majority of these costs fall under one single contract - the turbines’ Service and Maintenance Agreement (‘SMA’). Considering the large impact of the SMA on the Owner’s overall business case, it is crucial to have a well-defined and optimized contract.

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