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The PEAK Wind O&M Health Assessments provide a high-level evaluation of your asset in one of six areas. Identify your gaps & improvement potential using our unique insight into all operational areas.

Lead Consultant

Magdalena Zajonc

Are you an asset owner looking for 3rd party validation of your operational performance? Use PEAK Wind’s portfolio of O&M Health Assessments to help ensure successful operation of your offshore wind project.

You get:

  • Evaluation by questionnaire, interviews, and dialogues with Subject Matter Experts
  • High level report on gaps and improvement potential
  • Summary of key findings
  • Follow up Q&A Session with Subject Matter Experts
  • Improved O&M Strategy for your renewable asset

How the assessment works:

  • Team deployment: Subject Matter Expert conducts initial dialogue tailoring the assessment to your needs
  • Questionnaire assessment: Custom questionnaire comprising each key area for your project/organisation
  • Interview assessment & Subject Matter Expert dialogue: Selected project stakeholders engaged to investigate performance gaps which require immediate focus
  • Report and Q&A: Delivery of a report with compiled results and evaluation by the Subject Matter Experts with identified improvements areas, followed by Q&A session

Choose one of the six topics:

A1. OPEX Budgeting

Make use of a proven framework to improve the OPEX budget for your assets under development and in operations.

A2. Portfolio Synergies

Further optimise your renewable asset portfolio. Uncover potential for synergies, improved efficiency, and cost reduction.

A3. O&M Preparations

Get support in the early planning of your O&M preparations. Ensure early O&M involvement and minimise potential risks during the operational phase.

A4. Operations Readiness

Ensure being fully ready for operations take-over by Commercial Operation Date (COD). Take the right steps when establishing and installing your project by assessing the maturity of the various stages of operations readiness.

A5. Operations Excellence

Reach optimal performance across revenue, cost, and risk by continuously improving the main operational processes and organisational culture.

A6. Cyber Security

Ensure your renewable assets are protected against cyber threats by having our cyber security experts evaluate your planned implementation and identify key areas for improvement. This assessment is suitable for both companies who are just entering the cyber security area and big organisations exposed to larger risks of data breach.

Depending on the stage of your renewable project, choose the assessment most appropriate for you:


Not sure which O&M Health Assessment you need?

Reach out to Magdalena Zajonc and see which assessment fits your project\organisation best.

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