Our service offering

O&M and Asset Management services are required throughout the wind farm lifecycle phases.

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PEAKWIND provides full scope commercial and technical asset management services. For us, Asset Management is about maximizing return on investment! We can provide you with a wide range of asset management services throughout the operational lifecycle.

Offering includes:

  • Full project asset management responsibility including commercial and technical asset management
  • Designing and implementing asset management structures including reporting, governance, budgeting, and technical setup
  • Commercial and contract management of key supply and service agreements
  • O&M concept and service strategies including maintenance philosophy and supplier setup
  • Asset Integrity Management including maintenance planning, performance review, warranty management, asset walk-down


Is your asset management setup securing the best possible conditions for your wind farm performance?

PEAKWIND provides full scope integrity management, including performance review, site inspections and asset walk downs as well as O&M service strategy and planning.

Whether you choose a full AIM concept managed by PEAK Wind or individual parts of our services; we ensure you get maximum performance at lowest cost out of your physical assets while maintaining lifetime integrity. With ISO 55000 principles we provide a transparent and effective asset management.

Offering includes:

Technical Asset Management
Asset Integrity Review including documentation review and site inspections
Technical Performance and Optimisation Management
Service Take-Over Preparations including project management of the process
Condition and Risk-based Maintenance setup and planning

PEAKWIND support you during M&A activities with both technical and commercial due diligence of your operational wind farm, covering not only operational and financial performance, but also technical-, contractual- and strategic assessment.

Offering includes:

  • Performance due diligence including service supplier performance review
  • Technical due diligence such as evaluation of component integrity
  • Contractual due diligence including utilisation of contracts in place
  • Strategic review such as O&M concept and review of strategic options
  • Short- and long-term bottom-up production, revenue, working capital and OPEX forecasting
  • Identification of optimisation possibilities
  • Project risk evaluation and establishment of risk register
  • Market study to identify possible service providers

Are you considering investing in or divesting a wind farm project and do you need to understand the value opportunities?

PEAKWIND provides project management for your key O&M related projects throughout the wind farm lifetime. We have experience from the typical key projects a wind farm owner will experience during the lifetime of a project. Often these projects will be once in a lifetime or very infrequent for each wind farm why building internal competencies can be costly, and it can be difficult to build the required experience. By utilizing PEAK Wind, you build on proven project management solutions and you can be sure focus will be on the critical aspects.

Offering includes:

  • O&M Preparations Management
  • Project Take-Over Management
  • Service Supplier Negotiations both technical and commercial
  • End-of-Warranty Management both technical and commercial
  • Project Turn-Around Management for underperforming wind farms

Do you have a wind farm with an eminent project management requirement?

PEAKWIND provides wind farm operators asset managers, OEMs and service providers with technical and commercial advisory support based on our vast experience operating wind farms. We are very familiar with market trends and understanding new developments in the industry. Our team has a track history developing strategic solutions in the O&M market space.

Offering includes:

  • Strategy Development in the areas O&M and asset management
  • Technical and operational advisory in regards to planning, performance, optimization, etc.
  • Market understanding and service supplier market analysis
  • Consultancy resources for your key project


Are you using up to date O&M techniques in an efficient manner?

PEAKWIND provides a wide range of solutions and off-the-shelf products, bundled with implementation support. Our toolbox is purpose-built and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Offering includes:

  • Inspection and Maintenance Plans for Turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Project to O&M hand-over and take-over check-list 
  • Standard O&M requirements to Turbine and Balance of Plant Supply Agreements
  • O&M Risk Registers and Risk Assessment Tools
  • O&M Preparations Plan and Project Schedule
  • Standard O&M concepts
  • Check-list to Turbine Service Agreement negotiations

Are you in need of O&M plan, O&M risk register, OPEX model or the like? We can provide a basis developed over years of experience.