Engineering & Asset Integrity

We provide technical recommendations aligned with your commercial strategy 

We have the practical competencies to solve complex technical challenges in both onshore and offshore projects. Our experience reaches from the development phase throughout the decommissioning phase ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving. Combining this with our knowledge of the latest technological developments in the wind industry means our recommendations are sustainable, future-proof, and aligned with operational and commercial strategy.

Lene Hellstern
Director & Head of Engineering & Asset Integrity

Specialist in technical asset management, project management, wind & energy yield management.


In Engineering & Asset Integrity we thrive to provide solutions to our clients from a practical and holistic point of view. In all engineering aspects we understand how to create technical viable solutions that are in line with commercial requirements from the client.

As a client of Engineering & Asset Integrity, you will receive viable solutions that have been considered from a practical and holistic point of view. Expect technically sound solutions that are in line with commercial requirements.

From preparatory to end of life services, our team can assist you with the following:

EPC Advisory (WTG & BoP)

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A very good employer with a great future in renewable energy
Lead Consultant says:
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Pros: Great and wide variety of opportunities in the Renewable, Energy industry, Strong in offshore wind energy, Positive culture, Diversity
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Great colleagues, and excellent place to learn with a diverse outlook on the industry from around the world.
Amazing work environment and great opportunities
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I've only been working at PEAK Wind for a couple of months but I am already astonished by the amazing work environment and the dedicated, highly motivated and deeply kind colleagues. The company's ambitions and values totally align with mine and the opportunities are huge. Don't hesitate a second and join us, we are constantly growing !
Great company with amazing culture
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PEAK Wind puts trust and gives the freedom to employees in their work as long as they perform. They give tools and support to do so, being flexible in working hours and working location. Everyone is open to help and share their knowledge. Work life balance is a priority and there's a great environment.