OPEXify Tool

The PEAK Wind modelling tool that helps you estimate an early-stage OPEX budget for your offshore wind assets

Estimate your Operational Expenditures: Instantly generate high-level estimates for your early-stage development projects.

The OPEXify tool is based on PEAK Wind’s in-house developed bottom-up OPEX model, market intelligence, and industry insights 

Key features

OPEXify is an Excel-based tool offering an intuitive and easily navigable platform for rapid OPEX assessments. It features an input-output visualisation, allowing you to instantly grasp the impact of project parameters.

Use the tool for early-stage evaluation of projects, identification of OPEX key drivers and site attractiveness, competitor analysis, and decide whether the project is viable. Additionally, the tool helps in identifying O&M strategy optimisations, key OPEX drivers, and much more.

The tool saves time and makes it easy to model various scenarios swiftly by adjusting project-specific parameters, such as wind farm size, turbine type, bottom-fixed or floating foundations, logistical set-up, etc.

The budget estimate is calculated based on the selection of project-specific input, enhancing efficiency and mitigating the risk of manual budgeting errors.

The budgeting tool allows you to immediately populate a first estimate of the OPEX budget.

OPEXify Principles: Project's Input, Modelling Framework, OPEX Budget & Analys

With the PEAK Wind OPEXify modelling tool you get:


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Cost Category Input

High-level model inputs provide the foundation for accurate calculations empowering your analysis
Model output costs of the OFEXify tool

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