Operations Preparations

Establish a strong operational setup for your assets during the development stage

We are the anchor point for all Operations & Maintenance (O&M)-related topics within a project organisation. As Operations Preparation / O&M package managers, we manage the interfaces to the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) packages and involve various O&M specialists when relevant across commercial, contractual, financial, and technical areas. 

Dean Hickey
Head of Operations Preparations

Specialist in operations & asset management preparations, project management, O&M strategy, operations & asset management. 

Bespoke operations preparations services for your wind project

Based on a diverse team of Operations Preparations / O&M package managers and a track record of delivering on projects around the globe, we provide bespoke Operations Preparations services that fit the specific circumstances of your project.

To ensure a smooth start to the operating phase, it is crucial that the Operations Preparations package manager is involved early, thus having the end-to-end responsibility for the O&M package of an offshore/onshore wind project from early development until and including handover to operations.

In addition to long-term Operations Preparations / O&M package management, our agile approach allows us to tailor our service offerings to your specific needs, e.g. to conduct a readiness assessment of your Operations Preparations / O&M package – don’t hesitate to contact us!

We tailor our services to match your specific needs, providing services such as:

O&M Package Management

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Master O&M Preparations for Offshore Wind Projects

Course: Mastering O&M Preparations for Offshore Wind Projects​

Gain insights and skills in offshore wind O&M logistics, strategy, and OPEX directly from leading experts in the field​ with PEAK Wind Academy’s two-day course

Ensure a successful start to your operations

Do you need support in the early planning of your O&M preparations for your renewable assets?

Book an assessment from PEAK Wind’s O&M experts to ensure early involvement and minimise potential risks during the operational phase.

Within 2 weeks you will have an evaluation of the maturity of your O&M setup and an overview of key areas for improvement. You can get proved advice on how to establish proactive, controlled, and measured operations processes.

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Early involvement of the operations team is a good starting point for a successful handover of windfarm assets from construction to the operations team.

This article addresses topics relevant to the operations handover phase of the windfarm lifecycle. It will give you a good overview of the key activities and important topics to address in the handover from the windfarm construction team to the operations team.

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