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Best-in-class Operational Technology (OT), SCADA & Cyber Security solutions with a user-centric focus on your renewable project, ensuring your budget is spent on what really matters.

Troels Rahbek Lindhard
Head of SCADA & Cyber Security

Specialist in offshore wind O&M, SCADA, cyber security, project and programme management, technical asset management.

We ensure your assets stay in operation

Our services are designed to ensure reliable operation and protect one of the most important parts of your assets – your OT and SCADA systems. The OT and SCADA systems are often overlooked due to their limited monetary value; however, a failure of these systems could cause an instant stop of operation and revenue loss or damage to the assets.

We provide holistic solutions tailored to the project context by applying deep operational knowledge to ensure solutions are engineered for practical use. In addition, we support the development of your OT and SCADA systems from early design to the operational phase with a strong focus on security and operability.

Cyber security is a significant concern for many projects, and standards go a long way to ensure secure systems but are often open for interpretation. 

We work with multiple standards, including ISO-27000-series (27001, 27002, 27005 and 27019), IEC-62443, and NIST, to ensure good coverage tailored for OT and SCADA systems, in addition to multiple legislative frameworks like NERC-CIP, UK-CAF, CSMA and other cyber security legislation. 

Our unique contributions are in the risk assessment and interpretation of the standards, making requirements for suppliers and service providers tangible and supporting internal policies and processes that have practical applications.

Trust us to ensure the operation and cyber security of your assets and business operations

We provide services tailored to your needs, examples include:

OT & SCADA Systems

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Are your renewable assets protected against cyber threats?

With the PEAK Wind Cyber Security assessment, you can ensure a strong Security Management System for your renewable portfolio is in place.

Interested in data management solutions that deliver toolkits for daily asset updates, platform benchmarking, and commercial analysis of renewable assets?

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Great colleagues, and excellent place to learn with a diverse outlook on the industry from around the world.
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