PEAK Wind Graduate Programme

PEAK Wind Graduate Programme

Driving the future of renewable energy

Are you ready to kick-start your career within renewables in a company, where you can put theory into practice? PEAK Wind are now looking for ambitious young talents with a strong drive to impact the green energy transition.

The PEAK Wind Graduate Programme is a two-year programme (starting September 1st 2023) that offers the opportunity for intensive on-the-job learning in three different areas of the business in either Denmark (Copenhagen & Aarhus), Germany (Hamburg) or Taiwan (Taipei). 

You will have the chance to work with subject matter experts and learn from the best within renewable energy. As you advance through the Programme, you will take on different projects within PEAK Wind, both internally and externally,  which will increase in complexity and responsibility.

You will become part of an an informal yet professional working environment, where you will put your competencies and skills into practice.

Do you want to take on meaningful tasks that contributes to the development of the global sustainable energy generation? And are you looking for a job that gives you the biggest learning curve possible? Then join the PEAK Wind Graduate Programme! 

Peak Wind
Develop yourself on a personal and professional level

PEAK Wind believe dedicated and competent team members are essential to building a strong business, therefore we strive to create an outstanding working environment and opportunities for professional and personal growth. As part of the PEAK Wind Graduate Programme, you will be offered extensive training, a mentor, and join a network of Graduates to ensure your growth and development.

  • You will build your capabilities through working on tasks with increasing levels of complexity and responsibility. You will have the unique opportunity to work with experts within the field on projects both internally and externally.

    On the job learning
  • You will be assigned a senior colleague to mentor you throughout the Programme, this will help you build strong and trusting relationships, that motivate, engage and supports PEAK Winds feedback culture – guiding towards our future goals and vision.

  • During the Programme you will go through extensive training to develop new skills as well as deepen your skillset.

  • You will become part of the PEAK Wind Graduate Network, where you will be able to connect, share knowledge and gain insights in different business areas in PEAK Wind.

    Graduate Network
Build your career in PEAK Wind

Your future in a company with unlimited possibilities

In the PEAK Wind Graduate Programme you will get the opportunity to grow your career in a company who is committed to professional development. We believe that nothing comes by itself, and therefore you are encouraged to take an active role in your own development throughout the Programme.

After successfully completing the programme you will possess professional and personal skills to continue your career in PEAK Wind as a Project Manager or Consultant.

To qualify for the Programme you need to:

  • Have or complete a technical, commercial or financial master’s degree before September 1st 2023
  • Submit your application before January 31st 2023
  • Have a maximum of one-year post-education experience.

As PEAK Wind and our clients work globally, we are looking for Graduates with an international mindset, who are fluent, both verbally and written, in English. As a person, you aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and take initiative to bring necessary change. Moreover, you have a sharp analytical mind, are agile, and possess a desire to be among the best in your field.


Peak Wind
Application & Recruitment Timeline
20th of December 2022


31st of January 2023



1st interview


2nd interview


3rd interview

Welcome to PEAK Wind

The PEAK Wind Graduate Programme will open for applications on 20th of December 2022.

You are able to apply for the Graduate Programme through our recruitment system online.  Please make sure to attach your CV, Cover Letter as well as your diploma including grades. If you are yet to graduate you can attach a printout of your grades instead.

The Graduate Programme is available in Denmark (Aarhus or Copenhagen), Hamburg and Taipei. Your rotations could take place in below areas of the business: 

  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Excellence & Governance
  • Strategic Projects
  • O&M Strategy, Concepts & OPEX
  • Commercial & Contracts
  • Engineering & Asset Integrity
  • Floating Wind Excellence
  • Due Diligence and Transactional Services
  • Data Services
  • Central Operations
  • PtX Project Advisory
  • PtX Procurement
  • Taiwan Asset Management
  • Technical Asset Management
  • Commercial & Financial Asset Management

The deadline for submitting your application for the PEAK Wind Graduate Programme is 31st of January 2023.

Once the application deadline has passed we will invite candidates for a 1st interview with a representative from People & Development.

The interview will either take place on Microsoft Teams or at a PEAK Wind location. Here you will get the chance to learn more about PEAK Wind and the Graduate Programme as well as introduce yourself and your motivation for applying for the Programme.

Candidates who are not invited for an interview will be informed by e-mail.

If progressing from the 1st interview, you will be invited to a second interview with a representative from People & Development as well as one of our Managers.

The interview will either take place on Microsoft Teams or at a PEAK Wind location.

Once we have decided which candidates to continue with, the remaining candidates will be informed and will receive feedback.

If progressing from the 2nd interview, you will be invited to a third and final interview.

Prior to the interview you will be sent a case which you will need to prepare and present at the interview.

The interview will either take place on Microsoft Teams or at a PEAK Wind location.

Once we have decided which candidates to continue with, the remaining candidates will be informed and will receive feedback.

Congratulations on becoming PEAK Wind’s future Graduate. We are very excited to have you be part of our journey in renewable energy!

Once signing the contract you will receive an onboarding plan which entails your first few months in the Graduate Programme starting September 1st 2023.

Meet our current Graduates

On their journey in renewable energy

"I was attracted to the countless growth opportunities without any boundaries. The program enables me to explore various practice groups, cooperate with various stakeholders, and work in different office locations."

Sun Hwang Commercial & Financial Asset Management

"The three rotations over the Programme attracted me a lot as I will work with lots of inspiring colleagues and develop various skills. I am also eager to get some experience in the different fields of the company, deepen my industry knowledge, and see which team fits me best!"

Paul Watissée Floating Wind Excellence
We are open for applications now!

Be part of a team that contributes to shaping the future of the renewable industry!

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Graduate Programme, please reach out to