PEAK Wind introduces OPEXify Tool: Your Early Offshore Wind OPEX Budgeting Solution

PEAK Wind is excited to introduce OPEXify, an in-house developed Excel-based modelling tool crafted specifically to help you estimate an early-stage OPEX budget for your offshore wind assets.

The tool is designed with efficiency and precision in mind, offering a user-friendly platform for swiftly assessing OPEX cost drivers for your projects.

  • Efficiency: Easily navigate the intuitive platform for rapid OPEX assessments
  • Versatility: Identify key OPEX drivers, project viability, competitor analysis, and more
  • Adaptability: Swiftly model scenarios by adjusting project-specific parameters
  • Automation: Mitigate errors with automated budget estimations
  • Immediate Results: Quickly generate an initial OPEX budget estimate

How does OPEXify’s functionality work?

Efficient features of OPEXify:

  • Comprehensive Inputs: Customise your budget with over 30 variables covering bottom-fixed and floating technologies.
  • Flexible Modelling: Trace the methods used and adjust the cost categories to adapt the tool to your project’s needs.
  • Streamlined Analysis: Effortlessly generate detailed breakdowns and save scenarios for informed decisions.

Curious how the tool can benefit your project? Read more about OPEXify here

About PEAK Wind 

PEAK Wind is an independent renewable energy specialist in onshore & offshore wind, delivering advisory, intelligence, operations and asset management services for investors, developers, owners, and operators around the world.  

Partnered to deliver throughout the energy lifecycle from generation to Power-to-X, PEAK Wind provide a holistic view of renewable energy portfolios. Deep insights and project synergies are delivered via our unique combination of financial, commercial, and technical expertise to maximise return on investment and minimise cost. 

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