PEAK Wind Celebrates its 4th Anniversary with a New Partnership

PEAK Wind continues its journey to become a leading player in the renewable industry with continued growth, new offerings and, as of today, a new partnership.

PEAK Wind was founded with the mission to provide integrated technical, financial and commercial solutions to developers, owners and operators of renewable energy generation assets to improve the investment case for asset owners. Propelled by the global energy transition and expansion in the offshore wind industry, PEAK Wind has experienced continuous steep growth since its establishment in 2017 and is now operating across 5 countries with more than 70 employees.

“We have been on a continuous growth journey thanks to the trust from our clients and our colleagues” says Michael Andersen, CEO of PEAK Wind. “While we continue to support them play their part in the global energy transition, we are also seeing many interesting developments across the entire energy sector. Therefore, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the intelligent battery storage solution expert Hybrid Greentech on our fourth anniversary. This is a solid proof of how rapidly the renewables industry is evolving.”

PEAK Wind serves as a trusted advisor and operator for leading players in the renewables industry including developers, IPPs, utilities and financial investors. PEAK Wind’s unique value proposition made it possible to present bankable business cases and strategies for operating renewable generation assets and thereby reduce the risk to the asset owners’ return on investment.

PEAK Wind is the globally largest independent third-party operator for offshore wind and are by now operating more than 1,000 MW of wind assets – a testimony of our team’s comprehensive skills and knowledge.

“Our ability to take an integrated view of a renewable project, from technical to financial, from project inception to end-of-life, is the uniqueness of our offering. This gives us the ability to advice on – and implement – life cycle risk/return-optimized solutions.” Michael Andersen continues.

Today PEAK Wind also provides both buy and sell-side due diligence on operational offshore wind farms and offers full-scope operations management services in onshore and offshore assets.

“Looking ahead, we look into a rapid growing renewable industry with acceleration of certain technologies that will further catalyse the penetration of renewable energy and drive the energy transition forward. We have just started.” says Michael Andersen, CEO of PEAK Wind.

For further information, please contact:

William Lim, Head of Business Development
+45 2426 9628

About PEAK Wind
PEAK Wind was founded by three former colleagues of the offshore wind industry, with the purpose to combine technical, financial, and commercial expertise within Renewables Operations & Asset Management (O&AM), aiming to provide market-leading services and advisory to wind farm owners and investors globally. More than 70 specialized employees warrant a unique track record and experience specifically within the offshore wind sector, making PEAK Wind one of the most experienced offshore wind O&AM consultancies globally. PEAK Wind is continuing their international growth with consultants based in Denmark, Germany, Spain, the U.S., and Taiwan, supporting and servicing domestic and foreign developers worldwide.