PEAK Wind to release Windipedia – the abbreviation dictionary tailored for the wind industry

Denmark-based wind farm consultancy and advisory PEAK Wind has released an online abbreviation dictionary- Windipedia. In introducing more than 190 abbreviations commonly used by the industry’s stakeholders, Windipedia gives detailed explanations on abbreviations and related keywords to achieve a comprehensive dictionary. 

“We are very proud of our Windipedia online dictionary,” says Lars Nagstrup Conradsen, one of the Founders of PEAK Wind, “We hope this will enable new colleagues from various backgrounds within the industry to look up specific abbreviations easily. Windipedia is built to lower the entry barrier making this industry more accessible and understandable by whoever wants to take part in building a greener future.”

The wind industry has grown rapidly in the past decades, and so has the industry jargon. The initiative for PEAK Wind to build this tool was to bridge the gap of commercial, financial, and technical aspects in the offshore wind industry, enabling all players in using standardized definitions of all the terms, hence accelerating communication and development.

Windipedia provides a thorough explanation for each keyword, and its interactive interface allows the users to navigate all abbreviations in alphabetical order and browse related keywords. Windipedia is accessible to everyone at – and welcomes users to send suggestions to comprehend the dictionary.

PEAK Wind provides leading asset operations and management support, advisory, due diligence, and project management for offshore and onshore wind farms.